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Answers to important LED terms (3)
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LED constant current drive

When using LEDs as displays or other lighting equipment or backlights, they need to be driven with constant current. The main reasons are:

1. Avoid driving current exceeding the maximum rating and affecting its reliability.

2. Obtain the expected brightness requirements and ensure the consistency of brightness and chromaticity of each LED.

3. It can effectively avoid lightning strikes, power grid surges, over-current, and over-voltage protection, extending the life of LEDs. Problems: The heat dissipation problem must be dealt with. If the heat dissipation problem is not dealt with well, it will affect the life of the LED.


MTBF, which is the mean time between failures, the full English name is "Mean Time Between Failure" is a reliability indicator that measures the reliability of a product (especially electrical products), and the unit is "hours". It reflects the time quality of the product and is the ability of the product to maintain functionality within a specified time. Specifically, it refers to the average working time between two adjacent failures, also known as the mean time between failures.

The life of the display refers to the working time required when the brightness of the display reaches 50% of the original brightness

The mean time between failures of our display is 10,000 hours, and the life of the display is 100,000 hours

IP protection level

According to the International Electrotechnical Commission standard IEC529-598 and the national standard GB7000-96, it is classified according to the degree of protection against foreign matter and water intrusion, such as IP65, where the first digit corresponds to level 6 in (1), indicating complete dust protection. The second digit corresponds to level 5 in (2), which means preventing water from entering, and so on for the rest.

Use ambient temperature

The display environment temperature is a physical quantity that indicates the degree of hotness and coldness of the environment. The working environment temperature of our display screen: -20~50℃, the best working temperature is room temperature 20℃. For outdoor screens, it is generally required to install air conditioners, so that the display screen can work in a more suitable temperature range and extend the display screen service life.

Use ambient humidity

A physical quantity that represents the degree of dryness of the atmosphere. At a certain temperature, the less water vapor is contained in a certain volume of air, the drier the air is; the more water vapor is, the more humid the air is. The degree of dryness and humidity of the air is called "humidity". In this sense, it is often expressed by physical quantities such as absolute humidity, relative humidity, comparative humidity, mixing ratio saturation difference and dew point; if it represents the weight of liquid water in wet steam accounting for the total weight of steam The percentage is called the steam humidity. The working relative angle of our display screen is: 10%-90%

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