SIH series

  • SIH series
  • SIH series
  • SIH series
indoor LED display
Standard 27.5" Size
FHD/4K Pixel to Pixel Resolutions
indoor LED display
4 IN 1 Integrated Packaging
IMD Integrated Packaging
About SIH series
TileSIH 2.6SIH 2.9SIH 3.9SIH 4.8
Pixel Pitch2.604 mm2.976 mm3.91 mm4.81 mm
Max Brightness Calibrated1000 nits (black)1000 nits (black)1000 nits (black)800 nits (black)
Panel Dimension1000 x 500 x 60 mm1000 x 500 x 60 mm1000 x 500 x 60 mm1000 x 500 x 60 mm
Panel Resolution ( H x V )384 x 192336 x 168256 x 128208 x 104
Frame MaterialDiecasting Aluminum AlloyDiecasting Aluminum AlloyDiecasting Aluminum AlloyDiecasting Aluminum Alloy
Weight Per Panel9 kg9 kg9 kg9 kg
Power Consumption Max / Average500 W / 250 W Per ㎡500 W / 250 W Per ㎡500 W / 250 W Per ㎡600 W / 300 W Per ㎡
Curving (Concave & Convex)Custom 45°Custom 45°Custom 45°Custom 45°
SMD ConfigurationSMD2121 BlackSMD2121 BlackSMD2121 BlackSMD2121 Black
Physical Density147,456 Pixels / ㎡112,896 Pixels / ㎡65,536 Pixels / ㎡43,264 Pixels / ㎡
Viewing Angle ( H / V)160° / 140°160° / 140°160° / 140°160° / 140°
Refresh Rate3840 Hz3840 Hz3840 Hz3840 Hz
Gray Scale14 bit14 bit14 bit14 bit
Scan Ratio1/321/281/161/13
Operational Temp / Humidity- 20° ~ 45°C / 10-90% RH- 20° ~ 45°C / 10-90% RH- 20° ~ 45°C / 10-90% RH- 20° ~ 45°C / 10-90% RH
Storage Temp / Humidity- 40° ~ 60°C / 10-90% RH- 40° ~ 60°C / 10-90% RH- 40° ~ 60°C / 10-90% RH- 40° ~ 60°C / 10-90% RH
IP Rating (Front / Rear)IP30 / IP30 IndoorIP30 / IP30 IndoorIP30 / IP30 IndoorIP30 / IP30 Indoor

*Note: The specifications are for reference, actual values may vary.No Data
Standard 16:9 Size
Pixel to Pixel 4K&FHD Resolutions
indoor LED display
G.A.LED Common Cathode Technology
G.A.LED common cathode technology improves brightness with better heat dissipation
High brightness high contrast with perfect performance
indoor LED display
indoor LED display
SIH series
HD LED display

HDR has the advantage of higher brightness dynamic range, wider color gamut, and more video source bit depth, which allows for the perfect rendering of bright and dark details, thereby achieving better picture quality and displaying a lifelike real visual world.

HD LED display
Front Maintenances

Primarily convenience and accessibility for maintenance purposes, modules and components can be accessed and serviced from the front side, without needing to access the rear of the display. Front maintenance is a practical solution that enhances the usability and reliability of indoor fixed installation LED displays.

HD LED display
Platform Design

Support different modules with different pixel pitches including P2.6 / P2.9 / P3.9 / 4.8, can be used on one same panel, and also can be installed into large screen with different size panel including 1000x500mm, 750x500mm and 500x500mm. Help client save money on product, accessories and training time.

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