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LED basic knowledge (1)
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What is LED?

LED is the English abbreviation of light emitting diode (Light emitting diode). What the display industry calls "LED" specifically refers to light emitting diodes that can emit visible light bands.

What is a pixel?

"Pixel" (composed of the letters "Pixel Picture" and "Element") is a unit used to calculate digital images. A pixel is usually regarded as the smallest complete sample of an image.

What is a pixel?

The minimum luminous pixel of an LED display screen has the same meaning as the "pixel" in an ordinary computer monitor; our real pixel products generally have 1GIR1B as one pixel.

What is pixel pitch (point spacing)?

The center distance between two adjacent pixels. For example, A106 means that the distance between adjacent pixels is 6m.

What is DIP?

DIP is the abbreviation of Double In-line Package, dual in-line package. In the display unit board circuit, DIP packages include in-line LED lights, capacitors, etc.

What is SMT? What is SMD?

SMT is surface mounting technology (abbreviation for Surface Mounted Technology), which is currently the most popular technology and process in the electronic packaging industry. SMD is surface mounting device (abbreviation for Surface mounted device).

What is an LED display module?

It is a basic unit that is fixed by circuits and installation structures, has a display function, and can realize the display function through simple assembly.

What is an LED display?

It is composed of LED dot matrix, which displays text, pictures, animations and videos by turning on and off red or green lamp beads: the content can be replaced at any time, and each component is a display device with a modular structure.

What is a plug-in light module? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

It means that the DIP packaged lamp passes the lamp pin through the PCB board, and fills the lamp hole with tin through welding. The module made by this process is a plug-in lamp module; it has high brightness and good heat dissipation; the disadvantage is the pixel density Low, color consistency is difficult to control.

What is a surface mount module? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Surface mount technology is also called SMT. The SMD packaged lamp is welded to the surface of the PCB board through a welding process. The lamp pins do not need to pass through the PCB board. The module made by this process is called a surface mount module: The advantages are: large viewing angle , the display image is soft, the pixel density is high, and it is suitable for indoor viewing; the disadvantage is that the brightness is not high enough and the heat dissipation of the lamp itself is not good enough.

What is 3-in-1? What are its advantages and disadvantages?

It refers to packaging LED chips of three different colors of R, G, and B in the same colloid; the advantages are: simple production, good display effect, and large viewing angle; the disadvantages are: light and color separation are difficult and the cost is high

What is 3 to 1? What are its advantages and disadvantages?

3-to-1 refers to vertically juxtaposing three independently packaged SMD lamps of R, G, and B at a certain distance. The advantages are: simple production and large viewing angle; the disadvantages are: complex process, high density, and the product has been eliminated in the market.

What is a dual-color, full-color display?

Different displays can be formed by using light-emitting diodes of different colors. The dual-primary color is composed of red, green or yellow-green, and the full-color is composed of three different colors: red, pure green, and pure blue.

What is luminous brightness?

The unit of light intensity emitted by the LED display unit area is cd/m2, which is the light intensity emitted by one square meter of display screen.

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