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LED basic knowledge (3)
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What is the point of loss of control? How many types?

The out-of-control points of pixels whose luminous state does not match the control requirements are divided into three types: self-point (weighing point), normal bright point (or dark point) and flash point.

What is a static driver? What is a scan driver? What's the difference between the two?

The "point-to-point" control from the output pin of the driver 1C to the pixel is called static drive. The "point-to-column" control from the output pin of the driver 1C to the pixel is called scan drive. It requires a row control circuit: It can be clearly seen on the driver board that the static drive does not require a row control circuit, but the cost is high, but the display effect is good, the stability is good, the brightness loss is small, etc.: The scan drive requires a row control circuit, but the cost is low and the display is small. Small effect, poor stability, large speed loss, etc.

What is a constant current drive? What is constant voltage drive?

Constant current refers to the current value specified in the constant output design within the allowed working environment of the driver 1C, but voltage refers to the voltage value specified in the constant output design within the allowed working environment of the seat IC.

What is nonlinear correction?

If the digital signal output by the computer is displayed on the LED display without correction, the color will appear straight. Therefore, in the system control circuit, the signal output from the original computer axis is calculated through a non-linear function to obtain the signal required by the display. , since the relationship between the front and rear signals is nonlinear, we often call it line correction.

What is color distortion?

It refers to the difference in human sensory vision between the same object in nature and when it is displayed on a display screen.

What is a synchronous system and what is an asynchronous system?

Synchronous and asynchronous are relative to computers. The so-called synchronous system refers to the LD display control system where the content shown on the display screen is synchronized with the computer monitor; the asynchronous system refers to the display data edited by the computer being stored in advance. In the display control system, the normal display of the ED display will not be affected after the computer is shut down. Such a control system is an asynchronous system.

What is blind spot detection technology?

Through the host computer software and underlying hardware, blind spots on the display screen (LED on and short circuit) can be detected, and a report can be generated to inform the ED screen manager. Such a technology is called blind spot detection technology.

What is brightness detection? What is brightness adjustment?

The brightness in brightness detection refers to the brightness of the environment where the LED display is located. Through the light sensor, the brightness of the environment where the display is currently located is detected. This detection method is called brightness detection; the brightness in brightness adjustment refers to the LED display. The brightness of the emitted light and the detected data are fed back to the LED display control system or control computer, and then the brightness of the display is adjusted based on this data, which is called brightness adjustment.

What are real pixels? What are virtual pixels? How many types of virtual pixels are there? What is pixel sharing?

Real pixels refer to the 1:1 relationship between the number of physical pixels on the display screen and the number of actual displayed pixels. How many points of image information can only be displayed as many points as the actual number of pixels on the display screen. Virtual pixels refer to the number of physical pixels on the display screen. The relationship with the actual number of displayed pixels is 1:N (N=2, 4). The image pixels it can display are 2 times or 4 times more than the actual pixels of the display screen.

What is remote control? In what circumstances is it used?

The so-called remote does not necessarily mean long distance. Remote control includes the main control terminal and the controlled terminal in a local area network, but the spatial distance is not far: the main control terminal and the controlled terminal are within a relatively far spatial distance; the client If it is required or based on the customer's control position that the distance beyond the direct control of the optical fiber is exceeded, then remote control is used.

What is fiber optic transmission? What is network cable transmission?

Optical fiber transmission converts electrical signals into optical signals and uses transparent glass fiber transmission; network cable transmission uses metal wires to directly transmit electrical signals.

When to use network cable? When to use optical fiber?

When the distance between the display screen and the control computer is less than 100M, use a network cable to transmit it; when the distance between the two is greater than 100M and less than 500M, use multimode optical fiber; when the distance is greater than 50M, use single-mode optical fiber.

What is LAN control? What is Internet Control?

In the LAN, one computer controls another computer or an external device connected to it. This control method is called LAN control: the main controller achieves the purpose of control by accessing the P address of the controlled device in the Internet network, which is called Internet control.

What is DVI? What is VGA?

DVI is the programming of Digital video Interface, that is, digital video interface. It is a digital video signal interface commonly used internationally. DVI interface types include: 1alog (di-a) interface, dvi-Digital ("atedD-" (dvi-1) interface

The D--Analog (DVi-A) interface (12+5) only transmits analog signals, which is essentially the VGA analog transmission interface specification. When you want to connect the analog signal D-Sub connector to the DVI-1 socket of the graphics card, you must use a conversion connector. The adapter is connected to the plug of the graphics card, which is the DVI-A interface.

The D-Digital (DV1-D) interface (18+1 and 24+1) is a purely digital interface that can transmit digital signals and is not compatible with analog signals.

Dv-I-Integratedvt-i port (18+52+5) is a digital and analog interface. The card we send is a DVI-I interface

The full English name of GA is Video Graphic Array, which is the display graphics array. It has three analog output video signal interfaces: R, G, and B.

What is the role of PC slot?

The PCI slot is the main expansion slot of the motherboard. By plugging in different expansion cards, almost all external functions that can be achieved by current computers can be obtained.

What is the difference between GPRS and 3G network?

GPRS is suitable for use when the amount of data is small, such as text information on single and double color screens, etc.: 3G network: Full-color screens with smaller resolutions can be wirelessly controlled through the 3G network. The transmission speed of 3G is faster than that of GPRS.

What is the use of GPRS technology for display screens?

On the CPRS data network based on mobile communication, the data of our LED display screen is communicated through the GPRS transceiver module, which can realize remote point-to-point small amount of data transmission! Achieve the purpose of remote control.

What is the function of USB interface?

The English abbreviation of USB is Ln ersalSerialBus, which is translated into Chinese as "Universal Serial Bus". In the use of LED displays, USB is mainly connected to the sending card. The signal to change the parameters of the screen is transmitted to the sending card through the USB cable, and then through The network port RJ45 interface on the sending card) is sent to the receiving card on the screen.

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